4D Fat Freezing Cryo - Akaliko Skin Clinic
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4D Fat Freezing Cryo

Introducing our fat freezing 4D cryolipolysis machine.
Our non-surgical liposuction treatments takes only 60 minutes, freezing effected fatty cells in hard to shift areas, eradicating up to 28% of fatty tissue in just 1 treatment!

Sensation is minimal and the fatty cells and toxins waste away leaving your body through our bodies natural lymphatic system, leaving your body more toned.

How does it work?

We freeze your stubborn fat cells for 60 minutes, using a hand piece which freezes your fat to -10 degrees. This pulls the fat away from where it is deposited and goes through a “cell death stage” and then is dispersed through your lymphatic system.

You can notice results from just one treatment but obviously everyone is completely different (some people have more fatty cells then others so treatments will differ per person).

Treatments are re booked every 12 weeks due to metabolic rate, to allow the toxins and fatty cells to leave the body. If a person is bigger, we do advise more then one treatment. The more you exercise and the more water you drink, the quicker this treatment will work.

What areas can be treated?

Back of arms

Love handles


Outer Thigh


Bum Cheeks

Saddle Bags


Inner Thigh

Back of thigh

Tuck Shop arms




$349 Per area per session