Pigmentation Removal Treatment in Sydney & Northern Beaches- Akaliko Skin Clinics
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Pigmentation Removal (IPL)

Laser skin treatments are surprisingly quick, with even large numbers of brown spots able to be treated in less than 30-60 minutes. The OPT System can effectively remove the majority of freckles in a single treatment, although some people need more then one treatment depending on desire or depth of pigmentation. Immediately afterwards the area reddens and may feel like burn or sunburn, but this is short-lived. The pigment starts to darken, and over the next few days crusts over and then literally flakes off. Not only do you get a clear skin complexion, this treatment also rejuvenates and plumps your skin by stimulating the collagen and elastin in fibrous tissues below your skin layers. Laser skin treatment in Sydney are common due to our strong sun and beach life style, so if your looking for a treatment, with lasting , quick results, then IPL is for you.

To book in for a free consult please call 99792561.


Spot treatment 5 minutes: $49.00
Spot treatment 15 minutes: $99.00
Hands + fingers: $79.00
Decolletage: $199.00
Full face: $199.00
Face face + neck: $249.00
Full face + neck + decolletage: $299.00
Full back: $299
Forearms: $199
Full arms: $299